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[7th] Dog Days Wet & Naked Once More

SeventhStyle: After previously withholding wet girl service, Dog Days’ latest remedial episode decides upon returning to display nude wet females bathing – realizing it had nothing else of interest.

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vgn244067d ago

This had me at wet and naked, lol.

VG_Releaser4067d ago

Morally I disagree with your immature comment. Then I realize that I clicked on the link for the same reason.

vgn244067d ago

Don't go bringing morals into this. That's not cool. ^_^

vgchica4067d ago

I love Masaki Tsuzuki shows and movies. Dog Days is HQ IMHO.

kennykramer4067d ago

It's just a little over the top sometimes.

jonlynch4067d ago

Haven't watched an episode yet, but I've been downloading them. I'll consider this a preview, hah

peamster4067d ago

Same here downloading them and watch them at a latter date.

peamster4067d ago

wait! is all the anime on here like porn?

Azeat4067d ago

The ongoing animes are sadly mostly violated with fanservice.

Dog Days is a good example of such.