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VG Cosplay: "Tsunade is best known from her appearances in the anime Naruto more than she is for being a videogame character. She's a former student of the Third Hokage and also the granddaughter of the First Hokage and grandniece of the second Hokage. Because of her lineage, she's considered a ninja princess of sorts."

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GunShotEddy4177d ago

Once again, cosplayers fail to realize that the subject isn't fat. Just because you've got a big rack doesn't mean you can pull off Tsunade.

kennykramer4177d ago

I'll refrain from name calling, but you seriously have a big misconception of how a real woman is built. In order for her to "naturally" have a "big rack", as you put it, she has to have the frame to carry it.

Yi-Long4176d ago

... or being overweight/fat.

I don't mind a girl that has a little meat on her bones. In fact, I much prefer it over those skinnies who look like they don't eat.

However, a LOT of the cosplayers in this category ARE fat. And not attractive 'fat' either.

This girl does it right:

... but most in this gallery are quite poor, as far as their cosplay goes.

charlescox44176d ago

Agreed, however I think this one is a little better. Only because Tsunade looks more anglo.

BeaRye4177d ago

Honestly, it's virtually impossible to emulate the appearance of a fictitious because their dimensions are as equally fictional. Get real Eddy.

VG_Releaser4177d ago

The character dimensions are intentionally out of proportion to get attention from the viewer. It's nothing new. Comics, graphic novels, manga, anime, video games and even hollywood does it thanks to plastic surgery. It's for entertainment.

jonlynch4177d ago

Wow Stop bashing the guy for not liking fatties. So what if he likes women who weigh under 300 lbs?

IceAc4177d ago

Calling people fatties is beyond rude. Very mature.

TheGreat_14176d ago

Why is it not okay to call "overweight" people fat? Yet it's okay to call skinny people skinny, or "look like they don't eat" and "twigs" etc etc.

I wouldn't say it's "beyond rude" it just may be offensive to some people. So try not to double standard here. And I personally feel your comment was more rude and even more immature than Jonlynch's.

silvacrest4176d ago

im pretty sure jonlynch "fatties" comment was more rude

Archaic4174d ago

Alright, cool it, the lot of you. *waves pointy stick pointedly* Let's keep things civil here, and not start making personal attacks. Either to each other, or to the subjects of the article.

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vgn244177d ago

Let me ask you this; are you perfect?

SegaSonic4177d ago

GunShotEddy is just a troll.

nopunctuation4176d ago (Edited 4176d ago )

These girls are pretty thick. There is no real way to argue that. Big boobs are pretty overrated anyway. DDs that are real just look like raw egg nailed on the wall. The only way to get boobs like this on a skinny girl would be to do implants and taht would probably just stretch out her nipples and hurt her back. Thats why im more of an ass man anyway...

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jphelps804177d ago

Hope I look that good at 50, har har

vgn244177d ago

I like them all. Some do the character of Tsunade a little more justice of course, but all in all, I think they're all lovely.

SegaSonic4177d ago

Sonic thinks this one is awesome!