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Chun Li Cosplay Gallery Pt 2

VGC: "Chun Li is back once again to kick your face in! Okay, maybe that's only the case if you're a bad guy. You know the story of Chun Li by now. She is after all, the first lady of fighting. Introduced in Street Fighter II, Chun-Li was the only female character in the game, and while not as physically powerful as the other characters, she was by far the quickest. Her most famous attack is the Hyakuretsukyaku (Hundred Rending Leg, commonly known as the Lightning Kick), where she repeatedly kicks her opponent from a tilted standing position with incredible speed."

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GunShotEddy4065d ago

lol@ Pthe first lady of fighting." Who says?

jonlynch4065d ago

History I think. She is literally the first female of fighting.

charlescox44065d ago

Unless you're like 12 y/o, you should know Chin Li was the first girl in a fighting game as a playable character.

malandra4065d ago

I'm pretty sure there was a female character on the first Street Fighter, not Chun Li

CobraKai4065d ago

@ malandra
No, there wasn't. The only playable characters were Ryu and Ken, and all the characters they fought were men.

JBaby3434064d ago

She's the first female fighting character I can think of. I don't remember anyone before her. She has stood the test of time.

BeaRye4065d ago

I never like when American girls do Chun Li cosplay. It's so inaccurate from the start. She's not white.

kennykramer4065d ago

So does that mean you don't like or approve of 95% black cosplayers since most characters aren't black? I mean, if someone's gonna do something as silly as emulate a fictional character, why be constrained by race?

Gazondaily4065d ago

And this is why, ladies and gentleman, kennykramer has 5 bubbles.

Well said young chap. +B for you

EDD2134064d ago

Thats what alternative costumes are for ;)

trancefreak4065d ago

She would beat yours if you tried LOL.

But ya that G spot would get you hurt real quick if she was real.

GezForce4065d ago

checkout the camel toe on the last pic lol

kennykramer4065d ago

which page. I saw a few, lol. Go Chun li!