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103 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Generation Characters We’d Love to See

SI lists, with images, 103 characters that should be in Storm Generation.

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tayz3692d ago

this is a beautiful list! these all better make it!

FiftyFourPointTwo3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

So basically every major character in the story? C'mon, be realistic. The only pre-timeskip characters that are gonna make it are Naruto/Sasuke. Sakura, maybe a little.

All 7 swordsmen of the mist - nope. Kisame is enough.
Danzo - Yes, I strongly agree. He needs to be in the game.
Hiruzen - yes.
Hidden Sand - Only Chiyo deserves a slot.
All the 5 kages in the summit - Mei Terumi, Danzo, Ooniki, Raikage and Gaara.
Hidden CLoud - A, Bee, and Darui are the only guys who deserve a spot. We dont even know what 3rd Raikages power exactly is. KinGin bros? How the hell are they gonna make them work?
Haku and Zabuza - strongly agree
All Akatsuki members - yes.
Miscellaneous - Orochimaru, Kabuto are the only guys who sure deserves a slot. Maybe Kimimaro, Mifune and Hanzo too.
Jugo and Suigetsu are kinda boring, imo.

tayz3691d ago

All the characters can make it cause they been in the anime and manga. But the Konoha/Sand 15 will make it in for 100% sure. There's no way CC2 would forget them. Even Ino or Tenten they won't forget.

aycarumba3691d ago

i just noticed they are missing some characters like the sound 3. thats chunin exam stuff right there.

tayz3691d ago

ya they should put those in there too. and ino-shika-cho senior!

xgame3691d ago

First I wanted this but I am thinking they should have waited a year longer to start working on this. Well I still want it but they should have made a Naruto x DBZ cross first since that would have been something new.

naruto2223691d ago

no more DBZ games! stop the madness!

tayz3691d ago

They can do it because Namco Bandai makes both games. They had a DON game with DBZ, One Piece, and Naruto I think on GameCube a few years ago.

naruto2223691d ago

I like the Naruto-only games. DON was trash.

tayz3691d ago

I loved it. It should have had more characters, but still it was a great game.

FlashXIII3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Kinkaku/Ginkaku yes please! Wait what, going through the list and nor Obito or Rin is there.. this list is incomplete!