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Naruto Shippuden July 2011 Schedule

Saiyan Island reveals the month of July's episode titles for the Naruto Shippuden anime.

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tayz4173d ago

The Kakashi episode sounds like it'll be funny even though it's filler.

gamerfan4eva4173d ago

Guy will be super jealous!

naruto2224173d ago

I'm scared for all of the fillers we will be getting. The manga is only like 50 chapters ahead.

xgame4172d ago

the anime will go to naruto and bee meeting because that was what was in the intro. then we'll get like a year or 2 of fillers because it makes the most sense to do it at that time.

FlashXIII4172d ago

Fillers were expected. Just for the love of god give us something semi decent like the current Bleach ones. None of that AWFUL one episode rubbish "we're making Naruto seem heroic" stuff. Those fillers were worse than the original Naruto ones.

belal4172d ago

these episodes aren't fillers, but we will be getting atleast 10 episodes of fillers very soon i think.

Shani4171d ago

I stopped reading after Warning. I hope there are less fillers... and all the fillers have good story.