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Red Shoulders: Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Review

I'm not ashamed to admit that, way back in 2007, bought a Playstation 3 for $500 USD simply so I could download the demo for the first Dynasty Warriors Gundam spin-off title as soon as I could. With Turn A, Wing Zero, and ZZ, I could not resist. The new console generation was still new, and there were precious few games on any platform worth a second glance, let alone a purchase, but I knew it would be worth it just to see my favorite mobile suits in glorious HD.

But times have changed. The Playstation 3 now has one of the best, most diverse libraries out of any gaming platform in the medium's short history, and there are now much better Gundam games to choose from than mere Musou spin-offs. And now, four years later, the Gundam Musou spin-off line isn't just the most successful line Gundam games sold outside of Japan--it's also the only line of Gundam games sold outside of Japan. But... is this latest title any good?

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