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game-sait: South Africa gets a new Anime Magazine

game-sait writes: Anime-Ima!!,(Anime-Now!!) is planning to fill the viod that the now defunct Otaku Magazine left.

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SynGamer4066d ago

I'm actually a subscriber to Otaku (in the US) and I REALLY hope they offer a digital subscription soon. Paper magazines are hard to keep profitable these days and with digital, at least they have more options...

GoDHanDSama4066d ago

This one is still digital only, but from what I can see, the creators seek to make a paper one. In Africa it's more profitable to have a print publication.

SynGamer4066d ago

Hopefully they succeed. In the US I don't believe they offer a digital subscription. I like my paper subscriptions as much as anyone else, but I wouldn't mind a pdf or something for my phone.