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( Think What You Will, Cosplay IS Art

Arcee: Cosplay. Depending on how you look at it you either are in slight to overwhelming awe when you see these hardcore fans dressed up as their favorite anime, video game, or comic book characters or you simply dismiss them as being overzealous fans with way too much time on their hands. Honestly, I hope you really aren’t the kind to dismiss them for what they do because taking the time to make these elaborate costumes really is a labor straight from the heart. Well, most of the time. You do have some people who really just half-ass the process and slap one or two pieces of fabric onto their regular clothes and consider it cosplay. Frankly, these people piss me off as they are seemingly mocking the hard work true cosplayers put into their work. But those people who do take the art of cosplay seriously, this is a big deal and you can see what they are wearing is reflective of their dedication to their art. And don’t be fooled, cosplay is an art form.

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zerocrossing4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Ive never cosplayed but I know people who have, It takes awhile if you plan on making your own costume but generally its just for fun to dress up as your favourite characters hero's villain's and such, There are some people out there however, Especially in Japan that are so good at it I think it should be considered a art form.

vgn244062d ago

It's definitely not a hobby people can take lightly and be good at. Like you said, the Japanese do it best right now.

Arcee4062d ago

Agreed. Right now the Japanese are the best at cosplaying, but over the past 5 years I have seen Americans, Italians and other nationalities begin showcasing some pretty impressive works as well. They are still behind the Japanese right now, but not by much.

vgn244062d ago

Italy and Brazil are becoming big national players. I'd put America in 3rd with japan 1st and Italia/ Brazil tied for 2nd.

Arcee4062d ago

Yeah, that definitely sounds like a fair assessment.

1. Japan
2. Italy/Brazil
3. US
4. Korea
5. Russia