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Highschool of the Dead Blu-ray Review []

Examiner writes: "From the anime publisher Sentai Filmworks comes the manga inspired zombie apocalypse survival series from Daisuke Sato and Shoji Sato, Highschool of the Dead.

The series follows the journey of Takashi Komuro and some of his fellow students, Rei Miyamoto, Saya Takagi, Kota Hirano and Saeko Busujima as well as the school nurse, Shizuka Marikawa as they do their best to escape from a zombie apocalypse. On a day like any other Takashi is skipping class when he notices something going on at the school’s entrance, a strange man is at the gate and when the teachers arrive to investigate he attacks, killing one of them. As Takeshi wonders what is happening the teacher gets back up and begins to attack the others, causing a panic and leading Takeshi to find Rei, his ex-girlfriend, to get her out of the school before things get worse."

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SynGamer4060d ago

I always look at this cover when it comes up as a recommendation on Amazon or RightStuf and each time I question if there is any substance...

TheColbertinator4058d ago

The show has a good concept but the fan service is really irritating.