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Dixie Clemets Cosplay Gallery

VGC: "If you're unfamiliar with Dixie Clemets, star of Rumble Roses on the Playstation 2 and the 2006 follow up Rumble Roses XX for the Xbox 360, then we think you're in for a treat. Joining video games on her resume is a long list of appearances in various manga releases. Her character is surprisingly popular among the Japanese in part due to being the embodiment of an archetypal Texan. She appears boisterous, energetic, and sociable. She is well known for her showboating stlye and is always eager to show off her figure and skills both in and out of the ring as you'll see across the next few pages our her cosplay gallery."

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BattersUp4179d ago

winna winna chicken dinna

kennykramer4179d ago

So insightful and mature. *rollz*

Parapraxis4179d ago

So insightful and mature.

IceAc4179d ago

I want to know who the girl dressed as a cow girl in her bedroom is. I volunteer to be the horse.

vgn244179d ago

Agreed. She's my favorite too. There's actually two images of her. Maybe it's the environment that contributes to the appeal of her?

BubbleSniper4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

her and the one in the pic @ the top, at the same time.

BubbleSniper4179d ago

who can name this woman in this article picture??

BeaRye4179d ago

Rurouni Kenshin would slice and dice her in the ring. Once she submits, we'll go from there.

vgchica4179d ago

Not to burst your bubbles boys, but those are faker than the character they're modeled after.

BubbleSniper4179d ago

who cares? they look good for fakes. as long as the nipple doesn't look weird. nothing wrong with a "natural looking" breast augmentation. especially if there is no wrinkles around the edges from the fakebags within.

charlescox44179d ago

2 of those are from the official Konami models. Does that really count as "cosplay"?

vgn244179d ago

They're dressed in the character's costume and playing the role of that character, right?

SegaSonic4179d ago

I just had a mild fap attack.

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