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Dizzy Cosplay Gallery

Hunter Johnson: "Anyone who likes quirky Japanese gaming knows the star of this Guilty Gear cosplay gallery. Dizzy joined the Guilty Gear cast in the series' release of Guilty Gear X barely missing the release of the franchise's solo anime movie release. She's considered an innocent, child-like Commander Gear in the Guilty Gear fighting game series. She is technically only 3 years old, but her body matures at such an alarming rate due to her Gear cells."

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jonlynch4057d ago

She's technically 3 years old. Not weird?

charlescox44057d ago

She's clearly not 3 years old. She's not even 100% human.

BeaRye4057d ago

Great. I'm already looking at cosplay and then you want to make me feel even more awkward.

BubbleSniper4057d ago

2nd page, picture in the very middle. I don't know how to link these shots, so leave it up to you "web spelunkers" to find it. =D

She's a doll, attention to detail, milky skin, adorable expression.

SegaSonic4057d ago

Which row? There are 3 middles, lol. I like the first 2 on page 2.

VG_Releaser4057d ago

Dizzy was the first female character I paled as in a fighter. Because she was badass.

GunShotEddy4057d ago

Are you sure she isn't in the 1998 movie? I thought she was because it was connected or a lead in to GG X.

Gazondaily4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

I wanna finger her nose so bad

vgn244057d ago

There's a bit of a trend with your comments Septic.

Gazondaily4057d ago

What can I say? I'm consistent. That might explain why I'm such a bad poker player though. Speaking of which, I would like to poke her in every orifice

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