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SeventhStyle: Last Exile Shockingly Refreshing Review

Exhilarating action anime Last Exile is one which proves to continually diverge into an innovative dream-like realm of its own creation – a true masterpiece aesthetically and otherwise.

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SynGamer4055d ago

A review of an old show is generally frowned upon, but with the newly announced remake/reboot I definitely want to watch the original series again sometime soon :)

Azeat4055d ago

I don't like how people as you say generally frown upon reviews of older series - I honestly have just started this one myself recently as it was recommended to me and it's a shame to simply let such incredible animated works become buried.

Reviewing older shows allows for a unique perspective in which your outlook on the series is now effected by trends of modern time - changing what you would have thought of the series entirely.

It's also great as you can compare past standards to those of modern time - as well as size the series up to how well it works today.

Not to mention it of course brings otherwise unheard of works to the attention of others - such as this grand series.

To me, someone saying an anime shouldn't be reviewed simply because it is "old" - a term going back in time to a vague point, would simply be the same as saying the Mona Lisa should not be discussed any more as it is "old". Art is timeless and anime is art.

Sorry for the lengthy comment, but had to get my mini-rant out of the way.

Azeat4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Ahh, was intending to post a reply and it cleared - causing an accidental double post.