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Anime Evo: Tiger & Bunny 14

Anime Evo: Last week, fandom pretty much went NUTS about this episode. “OMG KarinaxKotetsu? NOOO DONT WANT” I had been calm “I bet Sunrise is trolling us with that preview”. After watching the episode, I actually wound up liking Karina more. I mean….here’s a 16 year old girl who is confused about how she feels about a WAY older guy and is trying to work that out. How many of us haven’t been through that? Its SO very relatable!

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SynGamer4059d ago

That gif. of David Tennant is awesome :D

naruto2224058d ago

is this an anime worth watching? the title makes it sound so kiddy. "tiger and bunny"

Sweety85874058d ago

It is VERY worth watching. Don't be fooled by the title or its summary. I read its summary, saw its title and passed on it. For a good 10 weeks I pretty much ignored it (even after ANN reviwers said that the first episode was very promising). but then i had friends (who are very hard to please) praising it. So i thought i'd give it a whirl. And it is a GREAT show. Give it a try, i dont think you'll regret it :D