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Way of the Nerd's Anime of the Week: Cybuster

"Hello again! Welcome to week two of Way of the Nerd’s Anime of the Week. For those who haven’t checked out last week’s recommendation, “Beck,” you can check it out here. Now let’s get down to business, shall we?

This week’s anime is…Cybuster!

Cybuster or Masō Kishin Saibasutā, in Japanese, is a 1999 anime spin-off from the widely popular “Super Robot Taisen” franchise. The original story is by Denma Matsu and the director is Hidehito Ueda, who you might recognize as the director of “Transformers Armada” and the 2004 movie “Lupin the III: Stolen Lupin.” The anime was produced by Ashi Productions and Bandai Visual."

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