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Summer Class Offers Intro to Japanese Manga, Anime writes: "Washington University will provide a course on Japanese culture titled "Cool Japan + Hot St. Louis" as part of its summer class selection. Christopher Born, Kazue Harada and David Holloway designed the class and will also teach it. The university operates in Clayton, University City and St. Louis City.

The course introduces students to the historical contexts and social implications behind contemporary culture in modern Japan. Students don’t have to speak a word of Japanese to take the three-credit course.

“We’re not teaching ancient sword fighting,” said Born, adjunct professor at Washington University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Rather, the emphasis on this course will be on manga, a form of storytelling resembling that used in comics; anime, a form of animation; and literature. Other course topics will be fashion, film and music. Coursework focuses on contemporary popular culture in Japan."

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