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KARA’s “GO GO Summer!” sets new record

On July 5th, it was announced that Korean idol group, KARA’s fourth single, “GO GO Summer!” sold 114,000 copies in the first week which placed second on Oricon Weekly Singles chart ranking.

''Mister'' being their debut album,they have made it to the top 5 in the Oricon ratings since its release for the second time consecutively.

Check out the Promo video of ""Go Go Summer!""

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shreeveera4057d ago

I really love their Albums.
Go Go Summer is friggin awesome.Im glad they have broken sales records once again.

geniusgamerdoc4056d ago

Im in love with the Promo video of their new album.Though their first album 'Mister' is my all time favourite.

shreeveera4056d ago

''Mister'' was great but I prefer their second album ''Jet coaster Love'' more than any other.That was absolutely awesome.

geniusgamerdoc4056d ago

Can anybody tell me where i can Download or Buy the latest album Go Go Summer??

shreeveera4056d ago


Support the artist by purchasing it via iTunes.

Anyway DOWNLOAD IT here

geniusgamerdoc4056d ago

Thanks a LOT! bro..I really appreciate your help..Will download it right away and i shall definitely Buy it off iTUNES if i like it.

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