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AKB48′s Kojima Haruna to release 2nd Solo PB

The title of her PB is “Onnanoko no Kamisama”

Two month ago according to her twitter, Kojima Haruna went to Hawaii for her second PB.

She is currently busy Playing NANA in the Japanese remake of ”You’re Beautiful”

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shreeveera4054d ago

She is the Cutest girl among AKB48.
Yuko oshima is 2nd.

geniusgamerdoc4053d ago

Definitely gonna watch this upcoming drama..I hope she does justice to Nana character in the jdrama...She is very pretty and innocent imo

shreeveera4053d ago

Her appearance in Coin Locker Monogatari drama is hands down the best performance in any jDrama that ive seen.

geniusgamerdoc4053d ago

Does anybody know the list of all the drama she has appeared in? Help me please.