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The lost 'Transformers' hits American shores

CNN writes: "In January 2010, a hardcore "Transformers" fan going by "gaastra" on a message board for Shout! Factory (a DVD and CD company "for the discerning pop culture geek") asked the simple question, "What would it take to get the Takara shows a release in America?"

Before long, Shout! Factory DVD producer Brian Ward was asking fans how much interest they would have in such a release and what they would like to see on it.

18 months later, the first of the "Takara shows," known as "Transformers: Headmasters," was officially released Tuesday for the first time in the United States.

Such is the relationship that geek-friendly companies like Shout! have with fans that this release has seen the light of day."

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SynGamer4055d ago

I know at least 5 people who are HUGE TF fans and will snap this up ASAP.