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Durarara!! Remains a Big Hit at Anime Expo 2011

LA Weekly: "​When we covered Anime Expo back in 2010, we noted that characters from a new series called Durarara!!, then only available in the U.S. through Crunchyroll, were amongst the most memorable cosplays of the convention. We saw numerous female figures clad in black catsuits and yellow and blue motorcycle helmets, oftentimes accompanied by a blonde, male character wearing the sort of tuxedo that you would associate with a high-end bar or restaurant employee. There were people walking with street signs, one young man even wheeled around a vending machine. The cosplayers made enough of an impact on us that we immediately began watching the show.

One year later, Durarara!! has become a bona fide hit with the anime crowd. The show, which currently airs on Adult Swim Saturday nights as an English-language dub, is a testament as to how convention-going anime fans can help push their favorite shows to the next level."

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TheColbertinator4160d ago

Durarara is one of my favorite anime shows from the past 5 years.I'm glad people are liking it because I'm still surprised they brought it to America.

SynGamer4160d ago

I heard it just debuted on Cartoon Network, but I don't have cable so I'll wait for the Blu-ray (dubbed/subbed) release.

TheColbertinator4160d ago

@SynGamer If you have Hulu Plus,you can watch it there subbed if you want.

SynGamer4160d ago

Thanks. I like to give new series a chance with Eng. dubs just because they actually have effort put into them. If they suck naturally I'll go to the subs :)

TheColbertinator4160d ago


Also its on Crunchyroll with subs.Check it out there if you want too.

SynGamer4159d ago

I actually have a Crunyroll subscription and a Roku player...tempting...

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JAMurida4159d ago

I wasn't surprised to see it hit the States. The anime itself is as the title says a "big hit". Not to mention it being from the same people who made Baccano!, no suprise at all.

I would easily put it as the best anime of 2010.

Peaceful_Jelly4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

Can somebody explain me why every anime that is considered a "big hit" in the US is always a shonen? The only non-shonen hits has been Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion but these are sooo old.

People should broader their tastes. Why don't give it a try to School Days or Madoka? On the surface they look like moe garbage but the plot and characters are realy deep and to some extend "disturbing". I bet most of you wouldn't be able to sleep at night after watching the ending of School Days. That anime is so evil is good.

SynGamer4159d ago

Your "on the surface" comment is spot on. If something doesn't interest me immediately I generally pass it by...

JAMurida4159d ago

I would say that they just get what's popular and what will work/sell with the people in the states. For example, look at the gaming industry. They are VERY hesitant to bring a JRPG to the states, but if it's a shooter, the states get top priority.

SynGamer4159d ago

Though on that note Japan NEEDS to start localizing their games and selling them to us here in the States. Eng. subtitles are absolutely fine when it comes to games, but damn it I want to play them!

JAMurida4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )


I honestly see it getting harder and harder from here on. The sad truth is that the majority of people in the States just don't like JRPGS anymore to give them a reason to bring them over here, (of course unless it's something big and known like Final Fantasy).

I think the first step in the wrong direction to what I just said above is how Sony isn't backing WKC 2 publishing in the states, which IMO, is a HUGE mistake on their part. Not to mention, the hell people have been going through just to get Tales of Graces F/Xillia in the states as well.

This discussion could go on, but what it boils down to is that you, me and pretty much everyone else out there that feels the same are the "minority", and no matter what we say, the publishers and what not will always look at the business side before the customers on this matter, especially in this day and age.

CrescentFang4159d ago

Though I was interested when this initially aired in Japan, I didn't watch it because is originally a light novel (same guy who did Baccano, which still isn't done yet...). The anime covers the first 3 and though I don't know anything about the series, I would expect that it leaves fans wanting more/leaves you hanging at the end?
These light novel anime adaptations are always high quality, but can't we wait for them to finish so we can have a full adaptation? Though I guess it's not my place to say since I technically didn't watch this...