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Bleach Anime Schedule for July 2011 Released

There will be 4 episodes of fillers this month, and at least 2 next month.

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tayz4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

filler hell contiunes! but sept sounds promising i hope

FlashXIII4045d ago

I don't mind these fillers.. granted half the battles were a bit crap but the last two episodes were pretty good. A huge step forward when you compare them to the last lot of terrible naruto fillers. I'd rather see the captains fight each other than team 7 infiltrating some stupid cat lair by wearing cat ears.

gaffyh4044d ago

Wow. they're really dragging it out.

Ngai4040d ago

Hasn't the manga stopped? What's left for Bleach? I dont know, someone knows?