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Anime Evo: Mawaru Penguindrum 01 [First Look]

Anime Evo: I’d say that wasn’t what I was expecting except….I didn’t go into this with any form of expectation at all. I went in with a complete blank slate and after watching episode 01, that slate practically bursting with colors. The character designs are really cute (Shouma is a little TOO cute for a guy T_T (he’s a total uke, mark my words), the siblings home immediately reminded me of Howl’s room, the penguins are adorable, the interaction between the siblings is so heartwarming, the music is pretty good as well, a possibility of some kind of time travel of sorts involved and FAB-U-LOUS transformation scenes involved….we could have a season winner in our hands of the Director plays this right. And this is the same guy who directed Utena….i think we can hope for a good thing.

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CrescentFang4045d ago

I have to watch this now... I couldn't read this seriously with that gif at the bottom lol, it's just too much xD
I like sibling relationships, they're so nice, cute and adorable~ plus there are penguins in the mix too :3