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Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Sale, 60% off MSRP

Saiyan Island: "There was a point in time where a Dragon Ball Z fan had to pay $30 for a lousy 13 episodes. Well, that time is no more! Amazon is selling over 40 episodes of Dragon Ball Z for $23.99! To be exact, they are selling Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Boxes, each one which has over 40 uncut and remastered DBZ episodes with English and Japanese audio tracks and Japanese subtitles, for $23.99! That’s 60% off the original MSRP of $59.98! As of today, 6 Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Boxes have been released."

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tayz4165d ago

I might pick these up since DBZ deserves props. I bought the Naruto episodes a few weeks ago.

DrRichtofen4164d ago

What is the difference between this box set and the orange box set - I'm a big DBZ fan and don't know which version I should get.

tayz4164d ago

i seen those before. i dunno the difference but ask on saiyanisland they'll tell you for sure.

zackacloud4163d ago

the Diffrence :

The set( Funimation jop ) 16:9 view with more deep colour with 3 audios

1-English with japan soundtrack stereo
2-English with Funimation (english jop) soundtrack 5.1
3-Japanese stereo

The Box orginal 4:3 with highest quality of the orginal u ever will have and they fix it frame by frame ( picture by picture ) with orginal colours also it a real box that include it 2 case for DVDs with a book include it a lot of informations about series etc.

With 2 audios

1-English with japan soundtrack 5.1 surrond
2-Japanese mono

look at this vegeta pictures(the right one it from the set the left one from The box :

however the box it limited edition.

but it ur choise and it about what u prefer.

in my site boxes deal it the best for DBZ fan.

KILLERAPP4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

Buy the orange one or wait for the Kai version...

DrRichtofen4163d ago

Thanks for all the replies it seems that the Dragon box is more true to everything that was original in DBZ which I'm most likely going to pick up. Now all they need to do is release what they have on Dragon box and put it on Blu-ray =)

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