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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi to Have Character Creation

Namco Bandai has confirmed players will be able to create new characters and customize their attributes, including their look and attacks.

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tayz4043d ago

thought this game was gonna be a repeat of old stuff but now this is officially going to be the most bad ass DBZ game now!

Lord_Sloth4041d ago

I might actually pick this 1 up and I haven't purchased a DBZ title on the PS3 yet!

gazerino4041d ago

i couldn't agree more tayz :)

krazykombatant4041d ago

OMG!! If this is true then yes this will be first day buy for me.

DiLeCtioN4041d ago

ok am in... see you guys online?

KillerPwned4041d ago

Well i am sold!.....I have been waiting for a game like this for such a long time.

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