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Berserk movie trailer

Trailer for the first Berserk anime film (Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler) released on the film's site

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CrescentFang4162d ago

I'm pretty sure this is a trailer for all three movies... but I'm not so sure if I'm right I guess it isn't good to get picky on details everyone just wants to see the trailer haha.

midgard2274161d ago

seems to still go far though, i mean atleast up to when guts gets his new arm and dragon slayer

CLOUD19834161d ago

I hear that instead of a new TV series they decide to make 3 movies so they will be able to add the over-the-top violent & sex scenes that it was not possible otherwise, so now my expectations from this is very high I hope they will follow the manga and not remove again all this material they did with the series when I read the manga for the first time after I have see the anime first I was very disappointed the manga was 10 times better, but for some reason I believe that the movies will not be so good like the manga and something tell me that they r going to remove again many things all those things that make the manga so special and awesome.

feedurhabit4156d ago

Agreed. From the looks of things they're going to skip the first couple of volumes of the manga where Guts fights the two apostles and get straight into the golden age flashbacks. I can deal with this, but I hope they have Wyald and his group in there. The fight he has with Guts is truly epic.

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