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DIehard GameFAN: Katanagatari Review

DHGF: Overall, Nippon Ichi has put together a really good package for Katanagatari. The artbook is wonderful, the packaging is the best NISA has put out so far and the anime itself is truly beautiful to look at. Sadly, the story and characters are the two areas that prevent this package from being one I can truly recommend. With each episode lasting a padded filled hour and the characters and plot of each episode being extremely generic to the point where you start to count all the series that have followed this exact same progression, it can be hard to actually watch an episode at times. Still, when the series is good, it’s really good but it can also be quite boring as well. If it was just the anime, I’d be hard pressed to give you a simple “buy or don’t buy” answer. With the entire package being reviewed here, I can give it a mild overall recommendation, thanks to the quality bits of the premium edition and the fact the set is a Blu-Ray DVD combo pack, but considering Arakawa Under the Bridge came out the same day as this and it is better in every way, I’d suggest buying that one first.

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