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Movie Cricket: Top 10 Anime Movies

Check out our resident Anime experts list of the top 10 Anime movies of all time.

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Yi-Long3663d ago

...more a list of the best-known anime movies here in the west, instead of 'the best'.

Where's Summer Wars? Where's Voices of a Distant Star? Where's 5cm per second? Where's Sword of the Stranger?

bigsyuk3663d ago

Ninja Scroll is a classic shame Porco Rosso only got an honerable mention, good choices though

JAMurida3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I would have Ghost in the Shell higher on that list. That movie itself is a classic. And the lack of 5cm per second, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Patlabor, Sword of the Stranger, Darkside Blues, Kara no Kyokai, the Naruto movies (kidding ^^), could go on... is kinda disappointing to me, but still some good ones on there.

On another note, I never really got what was so good about Akira. I honesty just thought of it as an okay movie but that's just my say on it.

Yi-Long3663d ago

... it was pretty much the first time modern anime made an impact in the west with a mature story, it looked amazing, and had a brilliant soundtrack.

That said, I agree with you that when all the dust settled, it's not a great movie.

The original manga is an absolutely epic classic which is one of the best stories of the last century, and the movie doesn't really ever reach that level of epicness and thus greatness. Probably because when the movie was made the manga was still kinda going on I believe.

I really wish the japanese would go back to the original story and do proper series of movies really following the manga as close as possible.

hazardman3661d ago

Hey the Naruto Shippuden movies are not bad. What about Blue Seed, Wicked City, Appleseed etc..

TheColbertinator3663d ago

Was hoping to see Karas:The Prophecy there.

Reaper99373662d ago

Blood the last vampire in a top ten anime list = EPIC FAIL.

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