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iAX Review: “Arakawa Under the Bridge” (DVD/Blu-Ray)

iAX: "At first glance, you can tell that NIS America’s Arakawa Under the Bridge is not going to be a series you can easily forget about. The first episode starts off with an eccentric introduction to a young man named Kou, who has gone through life as a successful corporate business man never relying on anyone for favors or anything of the sort. He finds himself unwilling indebted to a girl named Nino who saves him from nearly drowning. Kou begs Nino to let him repay her for saving his life (else he goes into coughing fits at the thought of being indebted to another human being). Nino tells Kou to become her boyfriend and he readily accepts. While this plot sounds all fine and dandy, little does Kou know that Nino is a self-proclaimed Venusian and demands that Kou live with her under a bridge, which is her home. If Nino’s odd character wasn’t an indicator of the eventual chaos/weirdness of the rest of the bridge’s community then I’ll let you know now that the other citizens under the bridge include a guy with a star mask on his head (Hoshi) and a village chief who is supposed to be a kappa (but is really a man with a kappa suit on). This makes Kou seems to be the only “abnormal” one out of the bizarre community as he tries to fulfill Nino’s wish."

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Etseix4040d ago

i love this series haha

CrescentFang4040d ago

Sugita as Hoshi is just too awesome... now he's Alvin in Tales of Xillia and I can't wait to see how he performs :)