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GameStop reveals release date and new price tag for Tekken Hybrid

Online retailer,, has revealed the release date, as well as a new price tag, for the upcoming Playstation 3 excusive game/anime movie bundle, Tekken Hybrid.

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SynGamer4040d ago

Not sure this was needed with two new Tekken vs' coming out in the future...

Lord_Sloth4039d ago

Since some of us won't be getting TekkenxStreet Fighter, yes, this was needed.


This won't sell good. Should have been dlc or something. Tekken 6 rules for now.

DarkBlood4039d ago

cept that wouldnt work its a remaster tekken tag tournament (spelling not right) plus that bowling game as well as the cgi movie thats with it

i dont think that would function as dlc