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New Persona 4 Anime Trailer Posted With Key Art, Two Seasons Confirmed

The official site for the Persona 4 anime adaptation has confirmed new details regarding the anime slated to air on October 1st. First, the anime adaptation will last for 2 complete cour or seasons, which means that 24-26 episodes will be produced for the adaptation, barring any specials for DVD.

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3958d ago
CrescentFang3958d ago

woohoo two seasons, kind of like Tales of the Abyss, though I didn't bother watching that...
It seems that Persona is getting popular, even outdoing what it spun off of, the MegaTen series. No one wants more of that anymore :(

tiffac3957d ago

Yes! This means the story won't be rush and we'll get to have a decent character development as well. Its not like we fans already need them but staying true to the game like ToA would be a sure fire win!

TheColbertinator3956d ago

Excellent.26 episodes is goo enough for me.