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Risqué Cosplayer Adrianne Curry Booted From Comic-Con

Adrianne Curry, best known for winning America’s Next Top Model, got kicked out from Comic-Con for showing too much skin. She was wearing an Aeon Flux costume which revealed her rear end. The cops decided it was too much for the event and told her to tie a shirt around her waist as she was signing autographs for fans.

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musicman650004139d ago

No different than in San Francisco.

DiffusionE4139d ago

It ain't "too much skin" until and unless she's totally naked. LOL!

Djinn4139d ago

So this costume is a problem, but all the women who dress up as slave leia(a costume that doesn't over much) are ok? eh...

Human Analog4139d ago

I have seen less on the public beach. The decency police must have a blind eye when it comes to the over abundance of scantily clad larger americans in public.

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