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One Piece Episode #508 Anime Review [The Fandom Post]

TFP writes: "In Summary: While the story of Nami worked well, especially as she brought some real emotion into it in regards to how she has to escape, Franky’s was a bit less than interesting but still achieved the basic goal that was required. Both stories have their moments, but much as we saw with the previous episode involving Usopp and Zoro, it’s not really engaging material that you can get behind since they’re all just gong through the motions in order to move on. You know they’re all going to break free, they all have issues with where they’ve been, and they’ll deal with them with varying degrees of emotion. These continue to be pieces that are simply “there” rather than interest or excite since they’re almost placeholders that could do just about anything in order to bring the crew back together. I’d almost rather see it happen in the space of one episode with a lot of hustle and bustle and chaos so they all land in front of Luffy at the same time rather than this method."

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rabidpancakeburglar4024d ago

Not surprised with the C, I found this bit a bit tedious in the manga.