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Beelzebub Episode #28 Anime Review [The Fandom Post]

TFP writes: "In Summary: Beelzebub works with a pretty standard school plot point this time around and does it to good effect. That’s been a good part of the charm of the series, especially as it does avoid going over the top with various aspects of it. The whole physical exam side doesn’t turn smutty, even in the eyes of those like Furuichi. It’s in his mind, but we don’t actually see it, instead letting the imagination run wild. There’s some really cute competition going on here between Oga and Beel about the size of their cars too, which is strange to say, but is done in a very fun way here that lets the two of them have a good time. Sometimes seeing how Beel views the world, and Oga, adds up to good times and this is definitely one of them."

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