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Otakon2011: Toonzone Interviews Anime Japanese Voice Actor Akira Sasanuma

Toonzone writes: "During Otakon 2011, Toonzone was given the opportunity to have an exclusive interview (via interpreter) with Japanese Voice Actor Akira Sasanuma. Akira Sasanuma is known for his work as Dearka in Gundam Seed/Destiny, Link in Twilight Princess, and Austria in Hetalia. Bob Shirohata, the Director of Hetalia, was also present in the room but the focus of the interview was on Mr. Sasanuma.

TOONZONE NEWS: What has been your favorite role to voice thus far?

AKIRA SASANUMA: That would be Austria from Hetalia of course. This was my first opportunity to be eligible to voice the character without going through the audition. So this is something special for me but because I was chosen for Austria without the audition, I didn't really expect this show to be a big one. As you know, it has become so big and everybody from around the world is cheering for us. I'm astonished that I was chosen for this part and I'm really thankful. I want to say thank you for that, as well. Even from now on, I'll probably keep on working in acting; this show will still be in my heart for many years."

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