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'Kobato' Anime on DVD

Animation Insider writes: "The Super Nice non-Magical Magical Girl

For most people, healing the heart of a stranger, much less of a close friend, is rather convenient thing to do. For a young woman named Kobato, it's her mission. In a marginal tweak to the mahou shoujo genre of anime storytelling, the TV series Kobato finds a regular girl doing her best to help and heal every broken heart she encounters. The anime is scheduled for home video release by Section23 Films this month, and re-introduces viewers to the wonderful world of CLAMP along the way.

From the famed female manga troop CLAMP, Kobato is a sugary fantasy title about a girl who helps others -- regardless of how clumsy and naive she ultimately happens to be. Kobato herself, plucky and charismatic, is assigned the task of going around Japan and assisting individuals with broken/scarred hearts. It isn't easy helping strangers come to grips with their long-held emotional wounds, but if anyone's up to the task, it's certainly her. In Kobato, for the girl to realize a particular her dream of her own, she must first console countless others."

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