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Push-Start. Review: Overdue #2: Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001)

Edward Westman writes "Don’t you just hate redundancy? Those days of counting the seconds, minutes and hours until your next interview? Well, the crew of the spaceship Bebop feel your pain, a quartet of misfit bounty hunters looking for the next hit. They hit the jackpot after arriving on the human colony on Mars in the year 2071, when a mysterious explosion snaps the crew back into action. The bounty in question is on the head of the enigmatic bomber Vincent and his hacker sidekick and the reward just capped at 300 million Wulongs (the currency of the moment). More than enough to get Spike off the instant noodles."

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SynGamer4031d ago

By far one of the best series movies to-date. Especially happy that it's on Blu-ray now :D

JAMurida4030d ago

"It should be noted that this is the opinion of someone who has never seen the series"

So THAT'S why... Oh well, opinion is opinion.

Flavor4030d ago

The movie wasn't perfect, but it's a work of art compared to the atrocious Moe Sh*t the hollowed out anime industry is straining out in 2011.

Anime is never again going to be as good as bebop. Never.

Archaic4030d ago

The anime industry has always pushed out a ton of crap. Back in the old days, we'd only ever see the cream of the crop released in English. Nowdays, we see a much greater variety translated and released, but that also means we're exposed to more of the bottom of the barrel. They wouldn't be doing that if consumers weren't continuing to eat it up.