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iAX Review: “Gungrave” (Blu-Ray)

iaX: "If there’s anything that the 1994 release of Street Fighter: the Animated Movie taught us, it’s that anime adaptations based off of video games typically don’t work. Not counting bishoujo adaptations such as Air or Shuffle!, titles such as Devil May Cry, Dead Space: Downfall and Disgaea have often left gamers perplexed at why both Hollywood and the Japanese animation industry both continue to futilely pursue video games as a source of “narrative” inspiration; the pure and utter disasters tend to overshadow remotely anything good. However, that said even a blind squirrel can find a delicious morsel every now and then, and Gungrave is that tasty acorn that just so luckily happened to fall off a tree and hit that blind squirrel right smack on its head."

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