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Wipe your butt with Monster Hunter's Felyne toilet paper

Japanator: "If you haven't heard yet, Monster Hunter's kind of a big thing in Glorious Nippon. They can't get enough of it! It's gotta be everywhere. On your portable console, on your home console, in your bag, at your conventions, in your television commercials, and your bathroom.

And by "bathroom" I don't just mean taking your PSP as you do *ahem* "important business", but actually making Monster Hunter a critical part of the bathroom experience. Via themed toilet paper holders. Yes, friends, these new TP-mounts look just like a Felyne and a Melynx, the franchise's adorable mewling mascots. They're designed to stare at you right as you reach over to get some, making the whole act of wiping feel a little obscene."

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