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Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking: August 1-7

ANN: "The Blu-ray Disc for the K-ON!! Live Event ~Come with Me!!~ concert sold 31,805 copies to rank as the #1 Blu-ray Disc of the week. The Complete Box for the live-action special-effects film Garo ~Red Requiem~ debuted at #6 with 4,734 copies sold. The 3D Blu-ray+2D Blu-ray combo for the same film was #12 with 2,247 copies.

The Blu-ray Box for the live-action television series adaptation of the Bartender manga landed at #8 with 3,590 copies. AKB48's AKB ga Ippai ~The Best Music Video~ collection rose from #20 to #13 in its seventh week. It sold 2,176 more copies for a new total of 135,782."

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