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Battle Yokai in Game Adaptation of Shonen Jump's Nura

Konami has announced that Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan – Great War of a Hundred Gathering Demons, a fighting game adaptation of the Shonen Jump manga series, will be hitting Playstation 3 and XBox 360 in Japan on November 17th.

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Lavalamp4020d ago

Word on the street is Arc System Words is making this game, so this is definitely on my radar. I wanna get into this series, but I dunno whether to check out the manga or go for the anime.

CrescentFang4019d ago

I'm kind of biased since I've only read the manga, but from what I'm hearing about the anime, you should probably go for the manga. Manga (in general) lasts for how fast you read and you get more content too :)
Arc system, eh? I still need to get BBCS, I want it real bad haha

nyobzoo4016d ago

hoping for a localized version