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Live Action ‘Noir’ Set For 2012 Starz Run

"With the second quarter results from Starz posting yesterday, the cable network is touting that it’s at an all time high of 19 million subscribers and anime fans managed to get a bit of a hint about what’s to come from the channel. The announcement earlier this year about the series Noir getting adapted into a live action series raised eyebrows but it’s the kind of series that’s ideal for transferring over, especially when competitors like Cinemax are taking on The Transporter which can use the European appeal pretty well. In the report, Starz CEO and president Chris Albrecht indicated that the series is slated for a summer 2012 airing on the network and that it’s already in pre-production as things are moving forward."

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takedown4126d ago

I still think that Noir is good only for it's epic staring contests. Seriously.

Yi-Long4125d ago

... but I do remember it had an amazing soundtrack.

Shinuz4125d ago

Yeah i gotta agree with you, the soundtrack was awesome.
It made watching all those flashback scenes a lot less painful ;)