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Top Five - Hilariously Bad Cosplay

Ah, conventions: the Mecca of the geek world! There is nothing more incredible than seeing a group of nerds in one enormous room, all squealing like little school girls over their own personal fandom. I, for one, love anything so unbelievably geeky. To me, conventions are the equivalent of what Disney World is to a kid, right down to the amazing costumes…erm…usually. You will always find people of all walks of life recreating their favorite fictional characters, and a lot of them tend to create incredibly imaginative and polished designs that look as if they were stolen right from a high-budget film studio. Others, however…well, I’ll just let this list of top five worst cosplay outfits do the talking for me. I have even included a helpful little rating system with pictures so you can understand the internal turmoil I feel every time I come across these…*ahem*…”costumes.”

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derkasan4016d ago

Honorable mention: Man-Faye and Man Sailor Moon.

Lord_Sloth4015d ago

Seriously, people, Twilight isn't THAT unbearable that you have to diss cosplayers who aren't doing half bad at cosplaying.