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Anime Evo: Tiger & Bunny 20 Review

Anime Evo: And THAT was the sound of the shit hitting the fan! Sunrise writers, you are going about this brilliantly! Were I in Maverick’s place, I’d have done the exact same thing! And looks like those /a/ spoilers and speculation were true after all! I’m LOVING me all this mindfuck and drama. BRING IT ON MORE SUNRISE. MY BODY IS READY! …and my tear ducts too! :D Kotetsu’s in a DAI PINCH! HOW will our hero work his way outta this? Is he even gonna be able to get outta this corner actually? Personally...I'd say he'll manage but this IS Sunrise we're talkin about. We can only speculate on this.

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256bit4018d ago

tiger and bunny is really a fantastic anime. for some reason it feels more like a american animated cartoon than an anime. but i what i want to know is the people that watch that show arent affected by the memory change. only those that know kotetsu.

nyobzoo4017d ago

yea really like the show but really hate the whole BS "I can alter your memories" power