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FUNimation Confirms Expired Geneon Licenses

iAX: FUNimation confirms a number of expired titles including Paradise Kiss, Kamichu!, Kyo kara Maoh!, The Story of Saiunkoku, The Law of Ueki, When they Cry (Higurashi no Naku Koroni) and The Familiar of Zero.

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Reibooi4009d ago

Out of the shows that have expired the only ones I actually thought were truly good were Paradise Kiss and Kamichu! The others never really caught my eye and quite frankly didn't seem like smart licenses in the first place(which was part of what brought Geneon down in first place)

I already have both the Paradise Kiss and Kamichu! box sets so it's not a real big deal to me those licenses are expiring but it's a shame they won't be available for new fans to get into.