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The issue with adaptations: we’re asking the wrong question

From Moe Sucks:

Whenever we talk about adaptations, people will always ask whether or not the source material is superior. This strikes me as, well, the wrong question to ask in the first place. Textual media and visual media are so drastically different in execution and format that it makes little sense to pit, say, a book versus a movie.

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CrescentFang4120d ago

This kind of topic should be focused more on light novels (imo). Most of the time when they get a manga and/or anime adaptation they're still on-going til who knows when. The anime usually leaves off strangely and most of the time we never get to read the original novel (I think more and more people are translating them nowadays. Thank You!). There are so many light novel manga/anime adaptations too and it's easy to spot. Tbh most of them have a great story, but I don't think they can be fully enjoyed unless you read the original source (just like with anything.). If it's an adaptation of something I think you'll enjoy it more if you were familiar with the original (even if the adaptation diverges from the original).

JAMurida4119d ago

I don't feel like typing an essay on my thoughts about this, tbh... All I'll say is let's see what happens with the Mirai Nikki TV anime, (a completed manga series).