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Anime Evo: Tiger & Bunny 21 Review

Anime Evo: Oh GOD WHAT a ride this week! Easily the best episode of the season if you were to ask me! It was filled with SUCH tension and just…TENSION. There were points where I found myself biting down on my nails! Though my mind is still kinda full of fuck after watching it. Just…OH MY GOD. THAT was brilliant! I was ready to see Kotetsu manage to find some way out of his predicament but we didn’t REALLY get it. I DO like that they spend some good time for Kotetsu to realize that “Holy…hell…wait, you ALL don’t remember me? D: What the hell is going on?!” Well done! IS IT NEXT SATURDAY ALREADY?! Dear GOD I need to invest time and money into a time machine!

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