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Good People Die - 999's spiritual sequel - trailer dissected

"The first trailer for Chunsoft's 3DS/Vita spiritual sequel to 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors has emerged on the Chunsoft Channel, and it's chock full of exciting revelations."

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CrescentFang4001d ago

999 was a awesome game indeed. It would be good as an anime too, if they could somehow pull off giving so much information in a 26 episode run? I believe someone on the team is well known for making visual novels, this was my first experience with them and I must say it has gotten me interested in the genre itself. The story was excellent and all the endings are memorable in different ways :)

disgaeapuchi4000d ago

A 999 anime would be amazing indeed, perhaps Studio DEEN could make it? And each story arc would reflect one playthrough in the game. Higurashi was insanely scary after all - Studio DEEN could do a cracking job transferring 999's tense atmosphere to the anime format.

The story writer (I think) for 999 was also an important member of the team for Ever 17: The Out Of Infinity apparently, though Chunsoft have been making visual novels for ages, probably explaining why 999 was so amazing!

Shame it never received an EU release though (I had to import it), as more people need to experience it.

CrescentFang4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Thank You for the info. This was my real first hand experience with a visual novel and I now understand how engrossing they can be. I have yet to play any of the Phoenix Wright games, but I have the first one...
If an anime were to come about, of all endings I would think they should leave out the coffin ending lol. I think studio DEEN would be an excellent choice (though with the 1st season of Higurashi they had numerous times of low animation quality, but since then I have seen them doing well). It would also be interesting how they work out the puzzles. Too bad 999 did not get a EU release, but since the DS is region free (at least the Lite and original is) I guess everything worked out fine. I'm just excited to see how this sequel will turn out (especially how it connects with 999 on the DS)