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Bokurano is a show that sets itself apart from most conventional standards and clichés. It doesn’t have the high-tempo, flashy battles of most mecha anime, nor does it have characters which fit into any standard role, or any of the type.
Bokurano isn’t a show that stands out very well. It doesn’t leave a lasting impression, but while you watch this, you will most certainly be affected by an aura of melancholy, placidity and stoicism.

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geniusgamerdoc3998d ago

Love this Anime.
GONZO has done a brilliant piece of work and made justice to the superb Manga.

ps4me3998d ago


BOKURANO and GANKUTSUOU are Gonzo's great Anime works of all time.

geniusgamerdoc3998d ago

Yup.Gankutsuo was the Best anime Ive seen this year.

takedown3996d ago

Last Exile too. All of those are great.

shreeveera3998d ago

This was one of the best Anime I saw recently.
It really doess make us realize the true worth of a Human life.
Really stunning piece of work.

dgroundwater3996d ago

I take it I should be watching this show right now?