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Naruto Shippuden: Best fight scenes ever

These are Quite possibly the best fight scenes ever in Naruto Shippuden.

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shreeveera3429d ago

Sasuke is my all time Favourite Anime character ever.

crxss3428d ago

naruto anime sucks! the manga on the other hand, is simply amazing. they need to remake the anime with 0 fillers.

Amaterasu53428d ago

i agree....fillers ruin the entire show..less quality...look at Hunter x hunter for example..0 fillers

but they also need to improve original seems that shippuden took a s*** on every other character that isn't called naruto...i mean even sasuke is shown 1 episode every 3 arcs.. so much for a rival

ps4me3429d ago

Naruto Shippuden is Hands down the best Shounen anime. Love these fight scenes. They really brought back memories.

geniusgamerdoc3429d ago

It might be good but its no where near the sheer enjoyment and excitement offered by ONE PIECE,

Stale flashbacks are the major drawbacks of Naruto.

batguyz3428d ago

agree with u man, i was so irritated during the last few ep in the anime when naruto and sasuke met,it was such a draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag and at times seemed gay with all the flashbacks...shit, love naruto but

gaffyh3428d ago

You gotta watch One Piece before you say that though, I thought the same, but One Piece is AMAZING. Seriously, watch it.

silvacrest3428d ago

i watched naruto, bleach and FMA before one piece and i gotta say, i look forward to one piece more then anything else

Amaterasu53428d ago

I'd say HxH!!! i mean the show is awesome...perfect villains, best explanation for the characters' powers and they don't even focus on the main ALL! everyone has a big part in that show :)

gaffyh3428d ago

Hunter X Hunter remake is coming up so I will watch that, I've heard good things, but I can't stand the old art style, so hopefully the remake is faithful to original.

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CLOUD19833428d ago

Maybe after DBZ ofc first is this and after everything else never forget this ;) the battles of Naruto is a joke if u compare them with DBZ.

TwistedMetal3428d ago

one piece is the best but naruto was cool when it first started out as kids.

Djinn3428d ago

Naruto and Bleach are the best.

Amaterasu53428d ago

almost all fights in naruto suck since they are somewhat turn-based and retarded...but Killer bee vs sasuke was great...kinda felt like Advent children, and anything involving kakashi is good too

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