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Working'!! TV Comedy Anime Sequel's Ads Streamed

ANN: "The official Japanese website for the Working!! anime began streaming a 15-second program commercial, a 30-second program commercial, a 15-second Blu-ray & DVD Volume 1 commercial, a 30-second Blu-ray & DVD Volume 1 commercial, and a Character Song #4 commercial for the second television series, Working'!!, on Sunday.

The site confirmed that the first Blu-ray/DVD volume will ship on November 2 with bonus gifts from various retailers. People who pre-order the volume early will also receive a A3 clear poster. Particpating stores nationwide will screen the first episode on September 17, two weeks after the first on-air preview. The Akihabara branch of the Gamers store chain will host a Working'!! "museum" with an art display, photoshoot corner, and character goods for sale on its fifth floor from September 23 to October 10."

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