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Anime Instrumentality - Aftershok Composes: Cruel Angel’s Thesis for Four Saxophones

Aftershok: It’s been a while, but I’d like to present to you a quartet arrangement I’ve had hidden away in the cupboard for a few months now: “Cruel Angel’s Thesis.”

This is one where I’m pretty happy with the arrangement itself; it was fun to write and good to play through. What kept me from releasing it on here is the horrible recording quality. Perhaps it was just because I didn’t realize it with my other two arrangement/recordings, but the fidelity of my recording nears Tiger Woods territory. My tone, which I can assure you (with just a hint of hubris) is considered quite good by many standards, comes of as closed and tinny in the recording. The bari, in particular, sounds rather hollow and brash. Just a notice.

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